ACH Group
Profile Industry : Healthcare & Medical
SECTOR : Private
INCLUSIVE PROGRAMS : Pride in Diversity
Australian Workplace Equality Index Tiers : N/A

Founded in 1952, not for profit ACH Group is a leading provider of services that support people to live good lives. 

Best known as a leading aged care provider offering services to support people living at home, in a retirement living setting and in residential care, ACH Group is now also a registered NDIS provider. The organisation’s NDIS focus is in supporting younger people (40+) with cognitive impairments such as younger onset dementia, Parkinson’s and acquired brain injury.

In addition, the recently launched Health Studio 50+ supports people aged 50 and over to live and age well by offering specialised exercise groups and allied health services.

Beyond the provision of support services, ACH Group works to bust the stereotypes around the community’s perceptions of ageing, believing that everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to community life.

Key Professions in your Organisation

Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, HR Professionals, Accountants


Qualifications Required

Relevant Tertiary Education

Certificate III

Certificate VI

Demonstrated experience


Size of Organisation

1700+ employees, 400+ volunteers

ACH Group began the journey towards LGBTIQ inclusivity in 2013, with the establishment of the Free to Be project funded by the Department of Health. The project was designed to build the skills and knowledge of employees and volunteers to deliver inclusive, accessible and non-judgmental aged care services for older people from LGBTIQ communities.
2015 saw the development of a LGBTIQ champions program, comprised of staff members from across the organisation who provide support, information and advice about LGBTIQ-related topics to fellow staff, in order to best support our LGBTIQ customers and employees. ACH Group now has a dedicated sub-committee to support both employees and customers who identify as part of the LGBTIQ this community. The sub-committee ensures that policies, procedures and actions of all staff will be inclusive to everyone.

Aged care is a growing industry, and along with carer roles that deliver support services in people’s homes and in residential care homes, ACH Group also offers careers in areas including:
• Finance
• Information Technology
• Procurement
• Catering and Hospitality
• Human Resources
• Project Management
• Marketing
• Allied Health and Fitness
• And more!

ACH Group seeks people who will demonstrate a commitment to the organisation’s culture elements, which will guide and unite them to do their best, and hold each other to the highest standards.
The culture elements are:
• Love What We Do
• Take Action
• Put Our Hands Up For challenges, and
• Celebrate Uniqueness

A commitment to offering a 10/10 customer service experience is also a requirement of all roles, whether internal or external facing.

Our LGBTIQ Champions:

Mandy Neaylon

For 3 years Mandy has been a dedicated Support Worker to our customers.   She has recently been selected to represent ACH Group to our SunLife exchange program in Japan.   She is a member of the inaugural LGBTIQ Champions program since 2015 and the Lead on the Inclusion and Diversity Champions LGBTIQ Sub-Committee.




Kuini Edwards 

Having joined the Customer Access Team in 2016, Kuini provides telephone support to internal and external customers as a Customer Service Officer.   She has recently joined the Inclusion and Diversity Champions and is dedicated to provide the best support to promote ACH Group as an united organisation which is free from bullying or harassment and staff are accepting of people as who they are and want to be.


Emma MacTavish

Began with ACH Group in 2006 and has seen the growth of the Inclusion and Diversity Champions, having being a part of the group since 2011.   Emma was a member of the inaugural LGBTIQ Champions and is committed to provide the best outcomes, for both staff and customers alike, through her role as the Quality and Compliance Co-ordinator.

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