Pride Inclusion Programs

Pride in Diversity is Australia’s national not-for-profit employer support program for all aspects of LGBTQ workplace inclusion. A social inclusion initiative of ACON, Pride in Diversity specialises in HR, organisational change and workplace diversity and is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ people by reducing exclusion, invisibility, and stigma in the workplace.

Pride in Diversity works with Australian employers via the provision of a dedicated relationship manager, tailored training & consulting services, member forums, networking, resources and research to:

  • Recognise, appreciate and utilise the unique insights, perspectives and backgrounds of others, promoting innovation, team collaboration and higher levels of productivity;
  • Mitigate discrimination, disrespectful and damaging behaviour through education and awareness, the alignment of organisational values and the reduction of risk;
  • Create an environment of trust, respect and inclusion positively impacting employee attraction, engagement and retention
  • Appreciate the business case for LGBTQ diversity as it impacts workplace culture and performance.

Pride in Diversity are also the publishers of the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI), Australia’s national benchmarking instrument for all aspects of LGBTQ workplace inclusion from which Top Employers for LGBTQ people are determined.

Pride in Sport is the only sporting inclusion program specifically designed to assist National and State sporting organisations (NSO/SSO’s) and clubs with the inclusion of LGBTQ employees, players, volunteers and spectators.

The Pride in Sport membership program is designed to:

  • Assist Australian sporting organisations with all aspects of LGBTQ inclusion as it pertains to their sport and those working within the sporting organisation;
  • Work with members to achieve best practice as benchmarked by the Pride in Sport Index (PSI);
  • Create better health outcomes for LGBTQ players, coaches, fans and others by creating inclusive spaces though the reduction of exclusion, stigma and discrimination.

Pride in Health + Wellbeing is a national membership program that provides year-round support in the provision of LGBT inclusive services for those working within the health and wellbeing sector.

Membership provides organisations with extensive sector specific support, resources, networking opportunities, training, consulting (including support to achieve some of the requirements for Rainbow Tick accreditation) and advice via a dedicated relationship manager and frequent interaction with other health + wellbeing organisations active in this area.

Membership is encouraged for private sector, public sector and NGO’s regardless of size or reach. This may include government departments, small NGO’s, hospitals, GPs, aged care, housing, mental health, drug and alcohol, family & domestic violence, disability services; in fact any organisation providing health + wellbeing care and/or services across the lifespan of an individual.

Pride in Health + Wellbeing publishes the Health + Wellbeing Equality Index (HWEI), Australia’s national benchmarking instrument for all aspects of LGBT inclusive service delivery.

For more information, please go to or call 02 9206 2139