Who is this website put out by?

This website is an initiative Pride in Diversity, one of ACON’s national Pride Inclusion Programs.  Pride in Diversity is Australia’s national not-for-profit employer support program for all aspects of LGBTI inclusion and is the developer of the national benchmarking tool through which LGBTI workplace inclusivity is both measured and assessed annually.

What type of employers are featured here?

All Australian employers that qualify, be them from public, private or not-for-profit sectors; universities, service providers or sporting organisations.

Does the LGBTI Inclusive Employers platform feature Pride in Diversity members only?

No, if an organisation is a member of Pride in Diversity or Pride in Sport or have met the minimum requirements within the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) or Pride in Sport Index (PSI), they will have the opportunity to have a profile on the website.

Do employers pay to have their organisation listed?

No.  Entry is free.

Are all organisations featured on the LGBTI Inclusive Employers platform considered to be best-practice for LGBTI Inclusion?

Employers listed on the website will be at different stages in regard to their LGBTI workplace inclusion work.  Some may be relatively new to this space, but as a result of being listed here, you know that we are either actively working with them or that they have submitted sufficient evidence of work to date to meet the minimum requirements for inclusion.  The minimum requirement for inclusion for those organisations that we do not work with is equivalent to Bronze tier within the national benchmarking instrument for LGBTI workplace inclusion (AWEI).

Do you review employers before listing their profile on the LGBTI Inclusive Employers platform?

If an organisation is a Pride in Diversity or Pride in Sport member, we are actively working with these organisations and therefore have full visibility of their work in this space negating the need to review them (this is an active component of their membership).

If an organisation is not a member of any of the Pride Inclusion Programs, then they will need to complete a comprehensive, evidence based instrument to assess their work in this area.  Providing the employer meets the minimum criteria for inclusion (equivalent to the Bronze tier of the national benchmarking instrument for LGBTI inclusion), they will be included as their level of activity would deem them active in this space.

How do I include a profile on the website if I am a member or have met the minimum criteria?

To include an employer profile for inclusion, visit the site www.inclusiveemployers.com.au and click the SUBMIT A PROFILE menu optionComplete all details and submit.  New Profiles and any changes to existing profiles will be sent to the Pride Inclusion Programs team for approval.  Upon approval, the employer will be given login details to  maintain and update their page as often as required.

How can an organisation have a profile listed if we are not members of Pride in Diversity or Pride in Sport?

In order to be listed on the website, we need to ensure that a certain level of LGBTI workplace inclusivity is met. This will require the completion of a comprehensive evidence-based assessment. Submissions for inclusion are taken in March each year. For more information please contact the Pride in Diversity office on 02 9206 2139 or via awei@prideindiversity.com.au.

Can you please explain the Australian Workplace Equality Index Tiers (AWEI)?

You can click any of the AWEI buttons on the site’s home page to quickly access a list of the employers that have been recognised for meeting a particular standard or level of activity within the last year, as assessed by the national benchmarking instrument for LGBTI workplace inclusion.

Often employers will include a history of their AWEI recognition tiers along with any additional awards received within the LGBTI section of their individual profiles.

  • AWEI Platinum Employers/Qualifiers are those organisations that have consistently been placed amongst the highest performing organisations in LGBTI inclusion over the last five years.  This is a difficult level of recognition to achieve, showing long-term leadership in this area.  It is the AWEIs highest recognition and the only one that takes longevity into consideration.
  • AWEI Gold Employers are the highest performing organisations in LGBTI inclusion over the last year as assessed by the annual benchmarking instrument.   Gold Employer recognition is limited and only given to the top 10-12 organisations participating within the AWEI.
  • AWEI Silver Employers are those that obtain high scores on the AWEI and show high levels of activity and achievement over the last year as assessed by the annual benchmarking instrument.  Silver Recognition is limited and only given to between 10-15 employers within any one year.
  • AWEI Bronze Employers are those that are deemed active in LGBTI inclusion with a good amount of work over the last year in this area.  This is the minimum level of activity required for non-member organisations to be included within this site.  To achieve Bronze status does take a lot of work and is by no means indicative of organisations just starting in this area; on the contrary it is a level of achievement that organisations can be proud of and should not be underestimated in comparison to other levels of recognition.  It will often take an organisation several years or more to achieve this standard.
  • AWEI Participating Employers are those employers that have participated in the national benchmarking assessement and  are currently working towards Bronze Employer status.  Participation within the AWEI is a substantial amount of work and is indicative of an employers commitment to work in this area.

Who do I contact for more information?

More more information email info@inclusiveemployers.com.au or contact us on (02) 9206.2139.