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INCLUSIVE PROGRAMS : Pride in Diversity
Australian Workplace Equality Index Tiers : AWEI Bronze

Aussie Broadband is the fastest organically growing telco with a reputation for providing high-quality internet and transparent customer service.

Aussie has evolved from a start-up in a lounge room in Morwell over 17 years ago, to becoming the fifth largest provider of NBN services across Australia today.

We are in business to change the telco game — not just for our customers, but for all telco customers in Australia.

If changing the game is “why” we’re in business, our values are “how” we do business. They are: think big; don’t be ordinary, be awesome; have fun; no bullsh*t; and be good to people. They live within our business, rather than up on the wall, and we empower our staff to use them every day when they talk to our customers or to make decisions.

At Aussie, we’re big believers that staff should be able to bring their whole, authentic selves to work. What this looks like is different from person-to-person, but it’s our people that drive our success and we’re there to look after them.

We’re also not your average telco let alone your average corporate. In fact, we’re a self-proclaimed “unconventional corporate” as we have a unique culture and playful spirit as a company. But this is only the tip of the Aussie-berg of unconventionality, here are a couple of things our staff have had to say about why we’re an unconventional telco:

  • “Understanding and compassion from all levels of the company, from consultants, to Level 2’s, to managers and higher. It genuinely feels like a family here (and not in the cheesy corny way)”
  • “It’s the culture that AussieBB bring, there is no toxicity and we have a knack of hiring people who all have the same philosophy, that’s why customers have a great experience every time.”

We have many staff-led working groups at Aussie, including Inclusion & Diversity and The Pride Network. These groups empower our staff to make a difference to things that matter to them (and us), including LGBTIQ+, neurodiversity, multicultural, disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inclusion and more.

Who We’re Looking For:

We want to change the telco game, not only for our own customers, but for all telco customers across Australia. We want to change other games, too – like how a rapidly growing company can still feel like a family, and what tech inclusion looks like in Australia.

Ultimately, we’re looking for people who share our vision to change the game, so if you’re a game-changer, we might be what you’re looking for and you’re definitely who we’re looking for.

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We have a variety of roles and opportunities available ranging from customer service, sales, marketing and more. Please visit our careers page to see what vacancies/the full list of roles available:

Qualifications Required: 

Qualifications are dependent on the nature of the job with some professions like customer service requiring little to no experience. That said, we train staff and always look to upskill them so that they can branch out into other areas that may interest them or grow within their department.

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Organisational Benefits: 

Along with our competitive salaries, flexible leave and working arrangements, and professional development opportunities, Aussie Broadband offers a range of perks like community service leave (we’re big on supporting volunteers), well-stocked kitchens for anyone looking for a snack, Gym discounts, cheap internet, a casual work dress code and more.

At Aussie Broadband we have an ‘inclusion first’ program which focuses on real actions rather than words on paper. This program allows staff to help shape company policy and initiatives through the multiple working groups available that revolve around inclusion and diversity. Staff satisfaction on inclusion across a range of diversity aspects ranked 90% or higher in the Great Places to Work survey results for 2021.

Some of the great initiatives that have come out of those working groups include:

  • Gender neutral bathroom facilities in Aussie’s offices
  • Visible signs of support across our offices that include rainbow pins and lanyards
  • An Aussie “Pride edition” uniform available all year round
  • Recognition of significant days across the LGBTQ calendar, including Aussie’s attendance at Midsumma Festival in Melbourne
  • Flying the rainbow, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags outside our head office in Morwell, Gippsland
  • Regular Ally training and clear communications to staff as to who in the business is a formally-trained ally
  • Specific support for staff undergoing transition (Gender affirmation support policy)

In February 2022, we were one of the prime sponsors of the GLOBE Community Awards where we presented the LGBTIQ Rural and Regional Champion award.

In November 2021, a panel representing Aussie Broadband chaired a session on Intersectionality in the workplace at the 3-day Pride in Practice national conference.

Aussie has also developed partnerships with a range of organisations, including Pride in Diversity, STEM Sisters, Vic ICT for Women and Gippsland Disability Shadow Day.

In 2021 we won a national Diversity and Inclusion award at the ACOMM awards, and we ranked bronze in the Australian Workplace Equality Index recognising our inclusion of LGBTIQ staff.

Andrew Webster – General Manager Risk, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

Since joining Aussie Broadband in 2020, I immediately felt welcomed.

When you attend Aussie’s Morwell office, you’re instantly greeted by the rainbow flag flying beside the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island flags. It’s the first of many signs that highlight how inclusion at Aussie is the company’s default position.

The leadership team champion visibility across the LGBTIQA+ community; the company has an extensive staff-led program to support staff as they find themselves — sexuality and gender alike; there are working groups, including a #Pride working group, that are supportive and driven; and Aussie has a presence in the local community with a focus on regional areas.

What’s been really important for me is that I was able to, and encouraged to, bring my whole self to work. This has allowed me to lead and support others in the rainbow community inside Aussie and with our local partners.

To put it simply, inclusion at Aussie is at our core and this makes Aussie a special place.


Chris Docherty – Outbound Sales Consultant & Vice Chair Pride Network

Working at Aussie being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it is so liberating that I can just be me at work and have everyone embrace who I am.

I can’t recall the last time an employer could let me walk around and break-in 4-inch heels to make my job on the following Saturday that much easier. I’ve never felt vilified or that being able to express who I am would ever be a detriment to my career here at Aussie.

I honestly think our company values just work for such a friendly and positive environment for LGBTQ+ employees here at Aussie. Knowing I am able to exist in a space with likeminded people and being able to look forward to rocking up to work every day without having to think in the back of my mind “is this too much?” or “should I hide it?” makes this all the more worth it.

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