Clayton UTZ
Profile Industry : Legal
SECTOR : Private
INCLUSIVE PROGRAMS : Pride in Diversity
Australian Workplace Equality Index Tiers : AWEI Gold


Clayton Utz is a leading Australian commercial and pro bono law firm, with 170 partners and around 1,500 employees across six offices.


With a genuine commitment to client service, we are trusted advisers to a diverse base of private and public sector organisations including many of Australia’s top financial institutions, multinational corporations operating in a range of sectors, and State and Australian government departments and agencies.

We are also a global leader in pro bono and community initiatives, with one of the largest pro bono practices of any law firm outside of the US and fantastic opportunities for partners and employees to connect with the community through volunteering activities.


Clayton Utz employs a diverse selection of people with a wide range of backgrounds, skills, interests and competencies. We look for people who can contribute new ideas and who take a creative approach to solving problems.

We look for people who are:

  • Results focused and driven
  • Flexible
  • Learning-oriented
  • Good relationship builders
  • Natural leaders


Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney


We are a leading Australian commercial and Pro Bono law firm.


Summer Clerkship, Graduate, Paralegal, Lawyer, Shared Services roles.


Qualifications vary depending on the role sought and area of work.


Alexandra Smith, National Recruitment Manager:

We are conscious that some applicants (including members of the trans/gender diverse community) may need additional assistance or information concerning the recruitment process.  We have a leading practice Gender Affirmation Policy and Guidelines and would be happy to take applicants through this where it would be beneficial.  The Guidelines provide information, tools and resources to promote a positive experience for all who may have an involvement with a trans or gender diverse person who decides to affirm their gender.  However, we understand that every journey will be different and therefore the expectations and responsibilities of everyone involved will be different.  We leverage the resources of Pride in Diversity to help us be more inclusive in our process.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Alexandra Smith to learn more.


Nearly 1,500 employees


Our LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer) program is an essential part of our diversity agenda.

Our objectives include:

  • Foster a LGBTIQ inclusive culture;
  • Support and encourage LGBTIQ people in the Firm;
  • Connect with the broader LGBTIQ community (through participating in and developing our Pro Bono and Community Connect initiatives); and
  • Promote our program and engage with industry and external stakeholders; and develop internal policies, training, education, practices and other services and initiatives to assist the LGBTIQ program to achieve its objectives.

Our initiatives focus on:

  • Education: We demystify LGBTIQ terminology and concepts through awareness sessions delivered by Pride in Diversity (for our people and also our stakeholders)
  • Pro Bono: We leverage the Firm’s strong Pro Bono practice for the benefit of disadvantaged members of the LGBTIQ community
  • Key calendar dates: We acknowledge the key LGBTIQ calendar dates through panel discussions, morning teas and fundraisers and/or Firm-wide communications via our intranet
  • Thought leadership: We champion specific LGBTIQ causes that are less understood such as transgender issues for young people
  • LGBTIQ women: We’re improving the participation of our LBGTIQ women and their sense of belonging and connection at work
  • Sponsorship: We sponsor and partner with organisations such as Out for Australia and the Inner City Legal Centre in Sydney



Our LGBTIQ program has made a huge impact on the Firm and our people:

  • Over 35% of our people are now LGBTIQ Allies
  • In the 2021 AWEI survey, 96% pf our people said that they personally support Clayton Utz’s focus on LGBTIQ inclusion
  • In 2017, 2018 and 2019 and 202 we were recognised as one of Pride in Diversity’s AWEI Gold Employers – an elite category of top employers. We are the only law firm which has held this status for four years.

Our LGBTIQ program has not only sought to create a level playing field for our LGBTIQ community but has educated our people about exclusion,  discrimination and broader human rights issues.


Matt Condello Lawyer and member of the Melbourne LGBTI Alliance Committee

It has been great to see how committed Clayton Utz is, not only to LGBTI inclusion, but genuinely celebrating the differences each of us bring in to the workplace. Being involved in the LGBTI Alliance has given me the opportunity to engage with the broader LGBTI community, particularly in the pro bono space. I feel confident that I can come to work and be exactly who I am.

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LGBTI Diversity Strategy
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Transitioning Policy for Trans Employees