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Curtin University is Western Australia’s largest and most multicultural university, welcoming 58,000 students from all over the world. As a globally focused university, Curtin’s mission is to transform lives and communities through education and research.


Celebrating 50 years of innovation in 2017, the University takes its name from former Prime Minister of Australia John Curtin and embraces his philosophy to “look ever forward”.

The University offers a range of degrees in business, humanities, health sciences, engineering and related sciences. Research is also a focus, and significant growth in Curtin’s research output and collaboration has driven the University’s rise up the international rankings in recent years. In the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2016, Curtin was ranked among the top two per cent of universities worldwide.

Curtin is committed to providing a workplace that is inclusive and supportive, and this is engrained within Curtin’s core values: integrity, respect, courage, excellence and impact. The University strives beyond legislative compliance to provide an environment in which all staff members feel respected, valued, welcomed and safe.

In 2017, Curtin’s continuous effort towards sustaining our inclusive workplace culture was again recognised by being awarded Silver Recognition at the 2017 Australian LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Awards, held by Pride in Diversity.


Curtin hopes to attract and retain staff who share our vision, values and commitment to leadership, innovation and excellence. A highly multicultural university, we have a long-standing commitment to international and Indigenous cultures. We’re confident you’ll find Curtin to be a warm and social workplace where everyone is welcome.


Perth locations: Bentley, Perth City, Shenton Park.

Regional WA locations: Kalgoorlie, Margaret River.

Offshore: Curtin Dubai (Dubai), Curtin Malaysia (Malaysia), Curtin Singapore (Singapore).


Higher education teaching and research


Curtin has opportunities for prospective professional and academic staff.

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Curtin is committed to looking after our employees. We offer competitive salaries, great benefits and a flexible work environment.
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Curtin University launched the Curtin Ally program in 2006 to help staff, students and community members of diverse sexuality and gender identity feel welcome and supported at Curtin. In 2016, the program was expanded through the establishment of an LGBTIQ Network and LGBTIQ Collaborative Research Network. Curtin also hosts a monthly Trans Research Interest Group, which supports and promotes research into issues of importance to the trans community.

A key focus of Curtin’s recent work has been in promoting recognition and inclusion in the broader community. This has been exemplified through the Humans of Curtin campaign, which was the national winner of the 2016 Australian Marketing Institute’s Corporate Social Responsibility category. The campaign involves the collection and publication of stories on social media platforms about “ordinary” Curtin staff and students, who often have extraordinary stories to tell. They key message of the campaign is that talent and great ideas occur independently of people’s skin colour, geographical background, gender and sexuality. You can visit the campaign page at

Misty Farquhar Sessional Academic, PhD student

I have a background in psychology and recently completed my Master of Human Rights at Curtin, focusing on LGBTIQ rights. While I was doing that part-time, I worked in the not-for-profit sector on social change and advocacy for people at risk of social exclusion, including young LGBTIQ people in regional areas. I have also had ongoing involvement with a number of not-for-profits, and hold steering committee positions for state and national LGBTIQ organisations.

Now I’m doing some teaching and project work with Curtin’s Centre for Human Rights Education and focusing my doctorate on how non-binary people experience recognition in Australia. As an often ‘invisible’ non-binary person myself, this is a topic that is actually quite personal to me. Now that I am spending more time on campus than ever before, I have never felt safer and more comfortable to be open about who I am. There are reminders everywhere you look that this campus is a place that welcomes diversity, and it is enormously reassuring. As part of our ally network, I hope that I can share that feeling with other LGBTIQ people that are new to the university.

Matthew Phillips Sessional Academic, PhD student

I came to my position within the School of Psychology and Speech Pathology once finishing my Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) degree in 2015. I was motivated to work and study further within the Curtin environment, as I am a true believer of the values that Curtin endorses, relating to inclusivity and diversity of the LGBTIQ community. As such, I am currently completing my Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology) as well as teaching.

As a member of the community, I have always felt at home within the Curtin environment. The staff and students have always been so supportive, and I feel as if I can bring another perspective to the many diverse range of viewpoints that each member of the Curtin community possesses. As such, I have always felt safe, welcomed, respected and valued, and that my story and my identity is truly unique and special. I would hope to be seen as a role model to the students I teach and beyond, as I can pass on my experiences within the Curtin environment and show them that every student is special because they each have their own values, expectations and experiences that make them who they are.

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