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The Royal Australian Air Force provides Air Power Effects for Australia’s Interests.


Globally, Air Force has between 350 and 400 Air Force Personnel on operations each day, contributing to coalition operations, peacekeeping and humanitarian and disaster relief.


A great Air Force needs more than pilots. The men and women of Air Force deliver and manage strategy, operations, engineering, logistics and support to make great air power possible, every day.

If you possess a willingness to lend a hand, have a keen sense of adventure and are a strong team player, then Air Force has a range of career options available.


The Royal Australian Air Force is located in every state and territory across Australia and also has a representation overseas on deployments and postings.


The Air Force offers great benefits, a lifestyle like no other and a great range of jobs. Air Force provides a unique and exciting career with endless opportunities for challenges and accomplishments.


As our jobs are varied, so too are the qualifications for them. Our members receive training that is world class and equally as valuable to potential employers in the civilian world, as it is to us.


Defence Force Recruiting

Call 13 19 01

Visit: Centre/contactUs/ or visit our nearest Defence Force Recruiting Centre.


The Air Force offers one of the most ample lists of benefits, some of which are unique to the Service. As a snapshot, you receive full medical and dental cover, travel and leave entitlements, rental assistance and even a Home Purchase Assistance Scheme.

Air Force is a values-based organisation. People are respectful, inclusive and strive to maintain the high expectations and trust that the Australian public have in us.

Air Force actively supports members of the LGBTI community through a range of measures and has worked hard to develop inclusive policies and entitlements that are not limited by a member’s gender, personal circumstances or sexual orientation. Air Force actively supports personnel attendance at conferences and LGBTI community events, and has developed a guide which provides practical advice and support for LGBTI members in Air Force.

LGBTI Defence personnel and their families are supported by the Australian Defence Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Information Service (DEFGLIS). DEFGLIS aims to support through professional networking, strengthen capability by inclusion, and educate Defence personnel about sexual orientation, transgender and intersex issues.

Squadron Leader Vince Chong Air Force Aerospace Engineer, Canberra

Air Force brings together talented individuals from all walks of life to deliver strong and robust Air Power for Australia. With a broad range of roles to choose from, there’s a place for everyone to contribute their unique skills and experiences or gain a new qualification.

I’m proud to be an LGBTI member of Air Force, contributing to Australia’s current and future aerospace capability.

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Department of Defence: Air Force