Department of Finance
Profile Industry : Government & Defence
SECTOR : Federal Government
INCLUSIVE PROGRAMS : Pride in Diversity
Australian Workplace Equality Index Tiers : N/A


The Department of Finance (Finance) is a central agency in the Australian Government committed to leading the public sector in delivering excellence and value in the business of government.


Our work includes:

  • playing a key part in delivery of the federal Budget and Budget updates;
  • managing the government’s non-defence domestic property portfolio and key asset sales;
  • providing support to parliamentarians and their employees; and
  • delivering whole of government procurement services.


Finance employs people from diverse backgrounds who have a wide range of capabilities, experiences and qualifications; people who are flexible and respond well to change, and can collaboratively work towards a common vision.


Most Finance employees are located in Canberra, though we do have staff based in state offices.


  • Accounting
  • Government & Defence
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Legal
  • Marketing & Communications


Finance strategically prioritises work effort across the department to ensure alignment with government priorities. We match people to positions based on capability, development needs and availability. Positions are available in a variety of projects or in ongoing business.


Our employees have a diverse range of qualifications including accounting, economics, engineering, law, science and arts. Not all employees have a tertiary qualification.


You can contact the Diversity Team on (02) 6215 3908 or


As at 30 June 2016, Finance employs approximately 1,810 employees.


Finance provides competitive salaries with generous leave and flexible working conditions.

Our diversity networks include the LGBTI+ Network, which has a senior executive sponsor and is supported by senior leaders, including the Secretary.

We are committed to providing an inclusive workplace for all employees. Our new personnel files process provides additional confidentiality for employees who have transitioned gender. This process ensures that transgender employees who move between government agencies can have confidence that their previous name and gender will not move with them, unless they choose for this to occur.

Jamie Burton Ministerial Support Officer

I have worked at Finance for over 13 years and have experienced the growth and cultural change around LGBTI people in the department.

Having identified openly as part of the LGBTI community since my late teens, I have always felt welcomed and included by the diverse teams I have worked in at Finance. I have never felt discriminated against because of my sexuality. Instead, I have felt supported and included in this highly professional work environment.


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