Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Profile Industry : Government & Defence
SECTOR : Federal Government
INCLUSIVE PROGRAMS : Pride in Diversity
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The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) provides high quality advice and support to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, Portfolio Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries to achieve a coordinated and innovative approach to the development and implementation of Government policies. We also provide a Whole-of-Government perspective on policies and programmes on Indigenous advancement, deregulation and women’s policy.


PM&C has four groups — Domestic Policy; Governance; Indigenous Affairs; National Security and International Policy. The opportunities available range from economic, environmental and social policy, to foreign policy, trade and treaty matters, Indigenous specific policy and programmes, defence and counter-terrorism, corporate support, and parliamentary and government matters.


PM&C provides opportunities to contribute to a wide range of national policy issues. We seek highly motivated, results-oriented individuals with strong communication skills and work ethic, who respond well to change and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment.


PM&C’s national offices are in Barton and Woden in Canberra and we operate from approximately 100 locations around Australia.


Provide high quality advice to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, Portfolio Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries.




The Department recruits individuals with a wide variety of credentials. CONTACT DETAILS

Recruitment and Graduate enquiries: 02 6271 6000


Approximately 2,350


See our Enterprise Agreement on

PM&C fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace, where diversity is respected and celebrated. We are committed to ensuring all employees are supported to reach their potential and are empowered to be themselves.

We are establishing an LGBTI Champion and an LGBTI Employee Network, open to any interested LGBTI employees and supporters, who work together to promote LGBTI inclusion.

Liz Hefren-Webb First Assistant Secretary

I head the Schools, Information and Evaluation Division in the Indigenous Affairs Group. PM&C is a great place to work and somewhere good ideas and creativity are strongly valued. I have found the Australian Public Service to be a great employer for LBGTI employees over the nearly 20 years I have worked here, and my sexuality has not been an issue in any of the four departments I have worked. I have also managed to successfully combine parenthood and a rewarding career.

We are always looking for young talent, and what better job than providing advice and ideas to the Government of the day that can improve the lives of Australian people. I have also found Canberra a great place to live, once I learned to accept that it is not, and never will be, inner-city Sydney!

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