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Hays is the leading global specialist recruiting group. We are the expert at recruiting qualified, professional and skilled people worldwide. The Hays brand is recognised as the leading recruitment agency across the globe and our reputation is second to none. We work with the biggest, the best and the most innovative companies in the world. This means that you could be in a boardroom consulting with a global firm one day and having coffee with a start up the next. Our brand, size and reach, together with your expertise means there is no limit to the impact you can make.

Work with Purpose – At Hays you’ll have a purpose that’s life changing. You have the power to define someone’s career by saying the words “you got the job”. You’ll transform workplaces too. Last year we placed over 300,000 people into jobs across Australia and New Zealand.

Training that accelerates your career – You’ll embark on a perpetual learning journey from day one. We tap into what others may have not seen, unlock your potential and fuel your drive and motivation to achieve.

Global career, global life – At Hays, your world of work is truly global. We embrace careers without boundaries, which means high performing employees are able to develop personally and professionally in any one of our 250+ offices around the world.

Technology that leads the way – We live and breathe innovation. We provide cutting-edge technology, so you can service your clients and candidates in a way that no competitor can. To build these tools, we’ve fostered relationships with the world’s most prominent tech players. In doing so, we’ve maximised your capacity to connect the right people with the right companies, so that you can transform lives and businesses every day.

Live well, work well – When it comes to life at Hays, our motto is ‘live well, work well’. We know that when you are able to fulfil your work and life goals, you are empowered to do your very best. We support flexibility so you can integrate work and life in a way that is optimal for you. When you work hard, balance is important and this is supported through our Wellness@Hays programme.

At Hays, we have over 1500 employees across Australia.

Hays recognises the value of a diverse and skilled workforce. Our people, our clients and candidates come from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. We know from experience that a diverse workforce made up of different outlooks and contrasting experiences positively influences creativity and performance, ultimately improving results. We are committed to leveraging the diverse background, contributions and perspectives of our people to provide excellent customer service to an equally diverse community. As part of our ongoing commitment to diversity, we established a national Diversity Committee in August 2016. As a part of our strategy we have Diversity Leads in four key streams – Gender Diversity, Indigenous, LGBTIQ and Disability. Our Diversity Committee continuously works on key actions within these four streams to ensure we continue to make an impact internally with our employees, with the community and with the clients we work with.

At Hays, we are constantly looking for new talent. To find out more about our current vacancies have a look at our Join Hays website – click here

Renee Tyndale

Recruitment Consultant


My journey with Hays started in 2017 as part of the Associate Programme, which saw me promoted to Recruitment Consultant in early 2018. My first impression of Hays was the people and its inclusive culture. The support and recognition of my work ethic and performance allowed me to develop both my professional and personal brand and at no time have I ever felt pressured to be anything but myself. I find confidence in that people know and respect me for my personal traits, not my orientation. Hays truly embrace diversity in the workplace which to me is a vital component to nurture innovation and creativity. Diversity brings openness to new ideas and employee talent, not only for LGBTI, but across a the board. I would happily refer any of my friends and family to come and join Hays.




Alan McKissock

Senior Trainer


I started my career in Hays in our operations business as a consultant in 2011, in Japan. The first thing that I noticed was the diversity of the people I worked with, in what is commonly considered a rather conservative country. As a company that promotes a meritocratic culture it was clear that who you were did not impact on how you could progress with your career. As an LGBTI person I not only felt that I could be honest and be myself in my workplace, but I had no concerns that this would impact my career. The proof really has been in the pudding, as over the past 7 years my career has grown from an operational role in Japan, to moving into a pan-Asian role within People & Culture for 3 years before moving to Australia. The one consistent thing I have noticed from working and training in a number of very diverse countries across APAC is that, as a company, Hays not only has a commitment to diversity within our own company but a commitment to educate our clients on the benefits that a diverse workforce can bring. I am proud to work for a company that promotes diversity not only for LGBTI people, but diversity in all its wonderful forms.



Jason Hudson

Business Manager – Adelaide

I have been with Hays Adelaide for 16 years and started very much ‘in the closet’ and didn’t want anyone to know about this side of me. However, within a few months the small Adelaide Team (approx. 15) had made me feel so welcomed and we all became friends. Lisa Morris (State Manager at the time and now and Board Director) was the first person at work I told and she could not have been more supportive.

It was no time before I had spoken to my colleagues and everyone knew the real ‘Jason’ and absolutely nothing changed. We all have an interest in the well-being of each other no matter what our backgrounds are and Hays is a diverse workplace in all respects. I have seen the support that Hays provides to people in very difficult circumstances and they have always shown respect for the individual.

I love working at Hays for many reasons including their diversity not only for LGBTI people but in all facets.

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