Microsoft Australia
Profile Industry : IT & Software
SECTOR : Private
INCLUSIVE PROGRAMS : Pride in Diversity
Australian Workplace Equality Index Tiers : N/A

Growth mindset: At Microsoft, we’re insatiably curious and always learning. We ask questions, take risks and build on each other’s ideas, because we are better together. We lean in to uncertainty, take risks and move quickly when we make mistakes, because we know that failure happens along the way to innovation and breakthrough.

Customer obsessed: We are passionate about helping our customers achieve more, and that means we really listen and learn from them. We bring solutions that don’t just meet the needs of customers and their businesses, they often surprise and delight them. Then we innovate further to give them even more.

Diversity and inclusion: We don’t just value differences, we seek them out. We invite them in. Microsoft is a place where employees can be who they are. We value diverse perspectives. And as a result, we have better ideas, better products and happier customers.

One Microsoft: We are a family of individuals at a truly global company, united by a single mission. We work together, building on each other’s ideas and collaborating across boundaries to bring the best of Microsoft to our customers and the world.

Making a difference: Our employees have access to the latest technology and tools, the power to build on the company’s far-reaching momentum and the drive to change the world. We can make a difference. Together, we can help billions of people around the globe use digital technology to achieve amazing things.

Who We’re Looking For:
No matter where you work or what you do—it’s people that make the difference. We have a variety of teams to choose from; our opportunities are broader than you might think. You could find yourself working on software applications and services for consumers, gamers, developers, businesses or governments. At Microsoft we hire across a broad range of roles including engineers, cloud solution architects, technical sales, human resources, finance, marketing and operations and more! So why not take a closer look at Microsoft? Explore what we do, where we do it, and what life is really like at Microsoft. You might be surprised.  [Career Opportunities]

Organisational Benefits:

  • Salary Sacrifice towards ChildCare
  • Wellness + Fitness
  • Superannuation + Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Microsoft Stock
  • Flexible work environment

Our approach to building the communities around us is holistic in who we reach, how we reach them, and how far we reach. We work to drive continuous improvements in company policies and the work environment, provide support and networking opportunities for our members, and promote activities within Microsoft that raise awareness about our LGBTI community – all in an effort to make Microsoft the most attractive company for LGBTI talent.

GLEAM is the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTI) employee resource group at Microsoft. GLEAM members interact through programs such as: Ignite talks, lunches, cross-corporate LGBTI networking, sporting events, cultural activities, discussions with community leaders about gender and sexuality, volunteering, and fundraising for local LGBTI organizations.

Microsoft has been a pioneer in workplace diversity. In 1993, it was one of the first companies in the world to offer employee benefits to same-sex domestic partners. Comprehensive Transition Related Health benefits are also provided. The company achieved a 100 percent score on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) Corporate Equality Index (CEI) for over a decade.

Microsoft Australia is one of the founding members of Intertech Australia. Intertech is a professional network which encourages LGBT+ diversity and inclusion in the Australian technology sector.

Shilpi Gupta

Sales Insights Manager

Diversity and inclusion is at the heart of Microsoft’s culture and everyone in the organization has embraced it entirely. Microsoft provides numerous resources and opportunities for the LGBTI community to connect with each other and share their experiences. Right from your direct manager to the senior leadership team encourages you to be yourself and that for me is the most important factor to be happy and successful at work.


Clayton Noble

Senior Attorney

Microsoft is a great place to work; especially so if you’re gay, lesbian, bi, transgender or intersex. Microsoft works hard to ensure that everyone really “gets” the importance to our business of having a diverse workforce, with all included and able to bring their true selves to work. We’ve also got a long tradition of championing LGBTI rights in each community in which we operate worldwide, and I’m proud of the work Microsoft did to support marriage equality in Australia. With clear and unequivocal support from our CEO, our Australian leader and at every level of people I work with, I feel I can always talk openly about my family and my life without putting filters on.

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