Nous Group
Profile Industry : Consultancy & Strategy
Location : Victoria
SECTOR : Private
INCLUSIVE PROGRAMS : Pride in Diversity
Australian Workplace Equality Index Tiers : N/A

We are an award-winning management consulting firm. We partner with leaders across Australia and the UK to shape world class businesses, effective government and empowered communities.

Nous Group was established in 1999 with the aspiration of delivering bold and personalised consulting services with a team of expert and engaging people. We wanted to do work that made a substantial, positive contribution. Not just to our clients and their businesses, but also to the customers and communities they serve.

We have over 280 people across our five Australian offices, and a growing presence in the UK. We now offer a broad consulting capability that allows us to solve our clients most complex strategic challenges, and partner with them through transformational change. More importantly, over this period we have contributed to agendas of national significance including shaping the future of higher education, indigenous reconciliation in Australia, digital transformation of service delivery and new models of regulation for the future economy.

We are proud to have been named Best Management Consulting Firm by the AFR in 2013, 2015 and 2017 and a Great Place to Work in 2013, 2015 and 2017 (Australia) and 2016 (Asia).

We continuously develop our consulting capabilities to deliver the services our clients value most. Recent additions include data analytics, implementation partnerships, and digital ventures.


Nous is a member of ACON’s Pride in Diversity (PID) program. PID is a not-for-profit employer-support program that assists Australian organisations in all aspects of LGBTI workplace inclusion.

This is one of the formal steps in our journey to promote greater diversity and inclusion at Nous. Through our membership we participate in a variety of knowledge-sharing, upskilling and network-building activities.

Creating a diverse and balanced workforce has been ingrained in Nous’ culture and values since the business was founded 20 years ago.

Diversity and inclusion

At Nous we recruit management consultants across levels of expertise. We also recruit fabulous executive and project assistants and corporate employees.


Emily Scott

I’m a 26 year old queer woman (she/her pronouns), a Science/Law graduate from the University of Sydney and a management consultant at Nous Group. I am very lucky to be working at an organisation like Nous that has a strong focus on creating positive societal change through their work. This translates to a inclusive organisation full of people who demonstrate genuine care in others, are curious to learn about experiences different to their own, and value unique perspectives. This means I can be proudly out at work, in all situations, and am always met with support for who I am.

My perspective as an LGBTIQ person has also helped in the work we do. For example, I have been involved in developing a set of strategies for HIV and STI for the Commonwealth Department of Health as well as a strategic plan for the Australian Federation of Aids Organisation. In both these projects, my nuanced knowledge and connection to the LGBTIQ community was able to help deliver better client outcomes. Nous has also supported me in fulfilling my volunteer commitments as CEO of Out for Australia, an LGBTIQ professional mentoring organisation. I took this position as I recognised how lucky I have been at Nous and want to help every LGBTIQ Australian to experience what I have –  an inclusive workplace, the support of LGBTIQ mentors and the opportunity to be their true and authentic self.

Being LGBTIQ is something, but it’s not everything. At Nous, people recognise and celebrate my queer identity, while still seeing all the other things that make me who I am.




Jacqui McKenzie

At Nous, we talk a lot about bringing your whole self to work. As a member of the LGBTIQ community, when I joined Nous and I heard this, it was an important signal that the organisation was accepting of diversity. As my journey has continued at Nous, I’ve realised that bringing your whole self is more than a signal and Nous is serious about what this means. As an organisation we engage in ongoing genuine discussions about what diversity and inclusion is, what it means in practice, and how we an build and improve upon this area.



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