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QIC is a leading long-term specialist manager in alternatives assets with a focus on infrastructure, real estate and private capital. We also specialise in liquid market solutions, providing multi-asset portfolios, liquid alternatives, active fixed interest and tailored overlays for our clients. QIC is one of the largest institutional investment managers in Australia.

QIC has over 800 employees and serves more than 110 clients. Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, QIC also has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland, San Francisco, London and Copenhagen.

We are bound by one objective – to deliver investment outcomes for our clients. Created in 1991 by the Queensland government to serve its long-term investment responsibilities, we have grown into a leading long-term specialist manager in alternatives. We focus on our clients and their clients, first, last and only. Their objectives are our only objectives. We deliver to over 110 like-minded institutional investors in Australia and internationally.

Our heritage as an alternatives specialist with a long-term investor mindset informs everything we do and has enabled us to become the visionary asset manager we are today. It’s in our DNA, embedded in our asset classes and delivered in our returns. It’s what we pursue day in, day out for our clients and why people’s dreams are entrusted with us.

Who We’re Looking For 
QIC values individuals who are passionate about investment management excellence. At QIC, difference, diversity and inclusion are our strengths bound by our standards of excellence. We’re high-performing and humble with a focus on caring for our clients, colleagues, the environment, and society at large. QIC builds on the unique viewpoints and experiences of our people while creating a sustainable future for our communities. If you want to be part of the journey, then QIC is the place for you.
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Please visit: https://careers.qic.com
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Qualifications required vary according to the opportunity.
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800 employees globally
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Please visit: https://www.qic.com.au/about-qic/about-us/careers

QIC’s QPride network brings together our colleagues who are allies of, or who identify as, members of the LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and all other diversities) community. QPride aims to:

– champion an inclusive work environment that is free from prejudice or discrimination for our LGBT+ employees;

-create a safe space and working environment for QIC’s LGBT+ employees and allies who may require support or have friends and family that need support;

-provide a voice for QIC’s LGBT+ employees;

-raise awareness of and celebrate the diversity of our LGBT+ community through a number of events and initiatives throughout the year, and;

-further educate our people on LGBT+ related issues through information dissemination and support services

The network is supported by the QPride Committee, a sub-group of the QIC Diversity and Inclusion Committee, with two (2) Executive Sponsors. The Committee is responsible for shaping QIC’s LGBT+ agenda and driving the network’s activities.

April Neylan

Retail Business Analyst – GRE IM Retail and QPride committee member

As an out and proud QIC employee and member of QPride, I have always felt comfortable to be who I am at work without fear of repercussions or judgement. QIC fosters an incredibly inclusive culture in which diversity and difference is celebrated and supported across the entire business; a culture of which I am extremely proud of. As a founding committee member of QPride, QIC’s LGBT+ network, I have been both humbled and heartened by the level of support received across the business from the amazing people I am fortunate enough to call my colleagues. The future is bright and QIC is certainly shining a light on the importance of a supportive, inclusive and diverse working environment.

Philip Jackson

HR Manager, Chair of QPride, QIC’s LGBT+ committee and network and committee member of QIC’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

As an openly LGBT+ identifying employee of QIC, I feel that I can be who I am, and bring my whole and true self to work each and every day. This is enabled through our great culture, and the work that QIC does within Diversity & Inclusion not just within the LGBT+ space, but in all aspects. It is due to the amazing culture at QIC, that I felt comfortable to launch QPride (QIC’s LGBT+ committee and network) in 2019.

Groups such as QPride within our business, promote a safe space and working environment, a voice to our LGBT+ employees, education for our workforce, and also raises awareness and celebrates the diversity of our LGBT+ community.

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