RES Australia Pty Ltd
Profile Industry : Mining, Resources and Energy
SECTOR : Private
INCLUSIVE PROGRAMS : Pride in Diversity

RES is the world’s largest independent renewable energy company. At the forefront of the industry for nearly 40 years, RES has delivered more than 21GW of renewable energy projects across the globe and supports an operational asset portfolio exceeding 7.5GW worldwide for a large client base. RES employs more than 3,000 people and is active in 10 countries working across onshore and offshore wind, solar, energy storage and transmission and distribution.

We are driven by our vision to create a future where everyone has access to affordable zero carbon energy. We are proud of the 21 million tonnes of carbon offset each year by our global portfolio of renewable energy projects and we are proud of the people that developed and built them.


Where We Are Located 
Key Professions in our Organisation
Development Managers (Wind, Solar and Storage)
Land Acquisition Managers
Grid Engineers / Technical Engineers
Construction Managers / Site Managers
Asset Managers
Community Engagement
Finance, Admin, HR
Qualifications Required
Degree qualified
Size of Organisation
In Australia 80 employees (globally over 3,000)
Organisational Benefits
We recognise that our people are our most important asset. We are dedicated to the personal and professional development of our employees via training and development opportunities and sponsored education. We also encourage better work-life balance through flexible working.

Some of our other benefits include a competitive bonus and parental leave entitlement, 25 days leave, financial contribution towards annual skin checks, flu vaccinations, eye care, professional trade subscriptions, professional body membership, paid volunteer days and a charity matching scheme.

We have a global LGBTQ+ Affinity Network Group with executive sponsorship.

Locally in Australia, education and awareness is a key priority. The progress is constantly evolving in the space of HR Policies, the opportunity for lived experiences to be shared, and celebration of all identities.

We also celebrate key calendar days and events such as Mardi Gras, IDAHOBIT, Pride Month, and Wear it Purple Day.

Amanda White (she/her) – HR Manager

Prior to applying for the position, I closely reviewed information I could find about RES, looking in detail at the section on their website that highlighted ‘Fairness, Inclusion and Opportunity’. I was impressed by what I read and yet it is akin to what is on many larger companies websites and there continued to be an element of doubt as to whether these commitments were actually executed or whether they were just trying to ‘tick the boxes’. Regardless, upon being offered the opportunity for employment, I accepted albeit with an element of concern for the unknown.

I have now been with RES for nearly six months and similar to my experiences with running a café, I am elated with the acceptance, support and friendships which I have already encountered from my colleagues within RES. I now have an acknowledgement and understanding that this is by no way a company that is just trying to ‘tick the boxes’, far from it. It is a company that is trying to set a new precedent within the world of development and engineering. The commitment to diversity and inclusion I have seen within my short period of employment with RES has far exceeded any former expectations I had, I feel an integral member of a large company which shares similar values and where my sexuality is inconsequential. This feeling has not evolved from a select few members of the company which is often the case, but for every single person I have worked alongside, something I have never really encountered in such an organisation.

The commitment towards diversity and inclusion from team members at RES has for want of a better word ‘gobsmacked’ me. From the CEO, Directors, Administration, Engineers and indeed other Project Development Managers, the commitment to constantly improve and progress towards true Diversity and Inclusion seems to be a common narrative from all employees.
Despite working remotely (I am based in Brisbane and most my colleagues in Sydney or Melbourne), my manager and director have both taking the trip to Brisbane to meet myself and my husband, showing support by hosting a working lunch at our café and introducing themselves to my husband directly, this is something that far exceeded any expectations. In addition, when I was recently at the Sydney office for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the amount of rainbow lanyards, support brochures and rainbow decorations throughout the office space, highlighting the commitment to Pride and Diversity. This identified to me as a company going above and beyond the norm of what I had encountered previously to truly being an employee which constantly strives to be a leader within Diversity and Inclusion.

Company Attribute
AWEI Bronze Employer
AWEI Gold Employer
AWEI Participating Employer
AWEI Platinum Employer
AWEI Platinum Qualifier
AWEI Silver Employer
LGBTI Diversity Strategy
LGBTI Employee Network
LGBTI Recruitment Policy
Pride in Diversity Member
Pride in Health Member
Pride in Sport Member
Transitioning Policy for Trans Employees
RES Australia Pty Ltd