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Founded in 1896, State Library of Queensland is the leading reference and research library in Queensland. State Library is responsible for collecting and preserving a comprehensive collection of Queensland’s cultural and documentary heritage, providing free access to information for all Queenslanders and for the advancement of public libraries across the State. State Library plays a lead role in serving all Queenslanders, through state-wide library services and partnerships with more than 320 vibrant public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres in Queensland.

State Library’s vision, inspiring possibilities through knowledge, stories and creativity, is realised through three guiding strategic objectives: Trusted content, shared experiences and future-focussed people and processes. Learn more about State Library and download a copy of our Strategic Plan at

We’re always on the lookout for the right people to help contribute to our vision of Inspiring possibilities through knowledge, stories and creativity.

From graduate to Executive level positions, we are always on the lookout for passionate, highly motivated and proactive people to join our diverse workforce.

We are committed to providing an inclusive working environment that values diversity and supports staff to reach their full potential.

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State Library is located in the heart of Brisbane’s Cultural Centre at South Bank.

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Any qualifications required for individual roles will be included with the role description for each opportunity listed on the Smart Jobs website.
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Organisational Benefits
At State Library we value the team members who make what we do possible. From being a family-friendly work environment, offering salary packaging opportunities, providing a range of development opportunities including study assistance, Employee Assistance support and encouraging flexible working arrangements, we strive to be a workplace in which everyone is able to participate equitably, develop their full potential and be rewarded fairly for their contribution.

State Library recognises and supports gender diverse people and people with diverse sexualities. Our Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Strategy progresses not only accepting the diversity of our colleagues but appreciating and celebrating their differences.

State Library promotes and celebrates Wear it Purple Day and Pride Month and fosters workplace cultures that are respectful and inclusive of everyone.

State Library has an established Rainbow Network, a staff-led forum of LGBTIQ+ employees and allies across the Cultural Centre providing opportunities to connect, network, share information and support peers. An ongoing initiative of State Library Rainbow Network members is work toward Rainbow Tick accreditation, with the support of Executive Management. This process is helping us deliver on our commitment to champion the inclusiveness of our LGBTIQ+ employees. The Rainbow Tick supports organisations to understand and implement LGBTIQ+ inclusive service delivery and reassures LGBTIQ+ consumers and staff that Rainbow Tick organisations will be aware of and responsive to their needs.

Anne Reddacliff, Librarian

Because I love reading and I enjoy helping people to find information, I have been working in libraries for nearly 20 years. I started at the local public library when I was nineteen! State Library of Queensland have given me my first opportunity to wear a rainbow lanyard when I am helping clients on the Information desks. This means that my clients know I am an LGBTIQ-friendly person and they can ask me anything. It is very important to me and allows me to bring my whole self to work.

I think that State Library is a welcoming and inclusive place for LGBTIQ+ employees. In my two years with the Library I have had the opportunity to participate in our Rainbow Tick Audit Committee as well as Wear It Purple Day celebrations (which are always larger than life here!) In my own time I also served for three years as Convenor of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutes (IFLA) LGBTQ Users Special Interest Group which has informed some of the work I do at State Library. I am proud of how State Library is supporting LGBTIQ communities, both clients and staff, helping to make our workplace one where everyone feels valued for who they are.


Josie Huang, Visual Media Technician

As a photographer/videographer for the State Library of Queensland for the past 12 years, I am proud to contribute to the Library’s vision of preserving the visual story of significant events in Queensland for future generations.

What I really enjoy is covering pivotal contemporary events on Queensland’s landscape that intersect with a significant part of my own personal history such as the historic fight for Marriage Equality (Collection number 31233). As an out and proud queer woman in a long term committed relationship with a child, marriage equality is vitally important to me. I want to bring up my child in a world where she knows her family is equal to others. We achieved marriage equality in 2017, following a very long, painful time for our community during the postal survey. During this time, when our human rights to equal treatment were publicly debated, making many in our community feel exposed, hurt and shamed, it was affirming to belong to an inclusive and supportive work environment where I can safely express myself and be open about my life.

It has been almost 3 years since the equal marriage legislation has passed. My wife and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary with our daughter. A silver lining of waiting so long to get married was that we could share the special day with our child.

During Pride Month 2020, State Library’s visible support for LGBTIQ+ communities demonstrated by featuring the LGBTIQ+ collections on the website and State Library’s social media presence on Wear it Purple day really made me feel included and proud to add my bow (tie) to the State Library Rainbow. Sorry, mum joke.


Tyler Wellensiek, Projects Lead

I’ve been lucky enough to work with State Library in a range of teams and roles for nearly a decade. One thing that’s consistently stood out to me is State Library’s focus on people – both our incredibly diverse range of clients and our equally diverse team of staff.

The revival of the Rainbow Network in 2017 was the beginning of something I had never experienced or expected. When the group turned from casual coffee catch-ups to organising to bring real change I was blown away by the support offered by the State Library.

Years later, I continue to be heartened by the encouragement and support of LGBTIQ+ inclusion staff for and management at all levels. I’ll never forget the opportunity to share my personal story at an all-staff briefing. I remember the moments just before I got up to speak, wondering if I really had the bravery to share this part of my life with everyone I work with.

I also remember looking out at the audience as I was divulging the details of a time in my life when I felt completely lost, isolated, and out of place no matter where I went. In that moment of vulnerability I made a connection with colleagues who I had not imagined would support me. People I had only met once or twice, or even not at all.

In that moment when I felt most exposed, I was given strength, safety and reassurance from my peers. In that moment I realised that I can truly bring my whole self to work, and every day since I have been grateful for that fact. It has changed my life in more ways than I can describe.

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